Consulting and Conceptual Development
There are many individuals and organizations who wish to get into the senior housing field. They may be individuals with capital who wish to come into the market, builders with a piece of land that might be suitable for a senior community, or experienced developers who wish to expand into senior markets. Regardless of who you are, Solden Development specializes in working with you to help you find the right product for your situation.

All projects must start with Conceptual Development to hone down exactly that right product for the right site for the right sponsors.

If you haven’t been experienced in Senior Housing, it can be overwhelming to understand the myriad of choices. We can help you understand the following issues:
• To build independent living, assisted living, dementia care, housing with
services, skilled nursing, or a combination of the above.
• To have a licensed or unlicensed community. In many states, this is an option.
• To build a one story “stick” buildings or multi-story non-combustible
• To manage the community yourself, or have another company manage for you.
• Determining the number of units, 20, 50, 75 or 100 or some other appropriate
• Determining to build studio’s, one-bedroom or two bedroom units
• Determining the square footage of each unit and the entire building
• Determining the amenities of the community.

These are just some of the questions which can make or break a project. Solden Development can help you find the right answers for your project.

In all of our communities, we start by understanding the passion and interests of the owners and sponsors. The success of a Senior Health Care Community is greatly enhanced if the owners are fully engaged. We then look at the town or city where the senior community will be built, and we develop a niche that works for those owners and that community, creating a senior project that from the beginning is a part of the fabric of the community.

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