Development of Senior Living Communities
Core Characteristics of Excellence for Senior Communities

Solden Development has shown itself to be a leader in Senior Housing. One of the ways we do this is by having what we call our Core Characteristics of Excellence, which help define our Senior communities, and our development and management strategies.

Core Characteristics of Excellence in Development

• Having a “niche” concept to its communities
• Having each community be a fabric of the community at its inception by
partnering with an established institution or influential individuals in the
• Having an established, exceptional building company
• Having an established, exceptional architecture firm
• Moving toward more integrated, less segregated communities with various age
groups, mix-used with commercial.
• Continual creation of new models within the ever changing marketplace
• Creation of “flexible” buildings which can covert apartments into different sizes
and types as necessary
• Using “green” technology when financially and strategically possible

Solden Development can assist in a project through consultation, conceptual development, or fully develop your project, depending on your need. When appropriate we use our excellent team of architects, builders, interior designers and engineers to design and build your project. Or, we can use professionals you may already have relationships with. (We also operate communities. See Management). Either way, Solden Development will provide you with a superior product.

Development Focus: On Time and Within Budget

Our Development focus is on two areas: keeping to budget and staying on schedule. This is accomplished by having top professionals who know how to communicate, professional organizational systems, and plain old hard work.

These are some of the steps involved in developing a Senior Housing Project that Solden Development can assist your company with:

Project Concept
Site Acquisition
Building Design
Building Layout on Site
Unit Mix
Zoning Approvals
Licensing Options
Licensing Approvals
Contracting with Builder
Contracting with Architect
Contracting with Interiors
Contracting with Engineers
Build out of Project

If you are interested in Solden Development helping you partially or fully develop your project, call us at (734) 913-000 or email us at

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