See and talk to your family member from your home or work computer! is a revolution in the senior care industry. For the first time, friends and family members can see and talk with their family member in a senior living community from their home or work computer through videoconferencing technology.

No special software or hardware is needed!

All you need is a computer and high speed internet access, and you can see and talk with your family member.

It’s so easy. Here’s how the system works.

a) A FamilyUser who is interested in seeing and talking with a resident calls the
Senior Living Community.
b) The designated SHCC employee gives the use a FamilyUsername and
c) The FamilyUser and SHCC employee agree on a time for the FamilyUser to
log on and see the resident.
d) At the designated time, the resident is taken down to the
station. The camera is turned on.
e) The FamilyUser calls the SHCC at the designated time. The FamilyUser then
logs on to their computer with the appropriate FamilyUsername and Password. The resident will be there waiting for them crystal clear on the computer
f) The resident and FamilyUser communicate on the telephone. The FamilyUser
can see the resident.

These systems are purchased by Senior Care Communities for use by their residents and families. Residents and families can also purchase the systems individually for more enhanced services, if the Senior Care Community has already purchased the system as well.

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