Types of Communities
• Assisted Living Communities• Independent Senior Living Communities• Nursing Facilities


• Conceptual Development
• Project Development• Management• Consulting
• Speaking Engagements• Boutique Retirement Communities• Iseemom.com (videoconferencing)
• The Vibrant Community (culture change philosophy)

Senior Communities
Under Development
• The Lodge of Durand
• Hope Landing
• The Lodge of Quincy
• New Friends Dementia Community
• My Doctor's Inn
Brand New - Now Open! New Friends,
a Vibrant Memory Care and Assisted Living Community in Kalamazoo, MI

University Living

“one of the top ten most innovative assisted living communities in the country”
—2006 AARP Bulletin

“In our world today, and in the future as well, we need to be focusing on the living as much as the assistance.”

“It’s time that we stop thinking in terms of assisted living or nursing homes. All people need some level
of assistance, regardless of their care needs, and regardless of place they are cared for.
We live in an interdependent world—We are all just “living with assistance.”

Dean Solden, President, Solden Development Company, LLC

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