Management of Senior Living Communities
Core Characteristics of Excellence for Senior Communities

Vibrant Life Communities is the Management Arm of Solden Development Company. VLC and Solden Development has shown itself to be a leader in Senior Housing. One of the ways we do this is by having what we call our Core Characteristics of Excellence, which help define our Senior communities, and our development and management strategies.

The world of Senior Care has changed and will be continuously changing. Outstanding customer Service is the norm. Treating people as clients instead of “patients” is the new standard. Solden Development moves the industry beyond that. We believe the following characteristics are crucial in giving residents the chance to live vibrant, fulfilling lives, despite physical and cognitive needs.

Core Characteristics of Excellence in Management

• Providing assistance in the “mind and spirit” of individuals as well as caring for
the body
• Allowing residents a “do what you want, when you want” mentality
• Following a “living with assistance” philosophy, rather than an assisted living
model. This focuses attention on the individual living as full, independent, and
individual lives as they can, rather than letting the AL community creep into
becoming an institution by focusing exclusively on the care being given.
• Having exceptional care as the norm. This is dependent upon exceptional
staff training.
• Always going the extra mile—for the staff and families, as well as the resident.
• Providing educational opportunities for staff so that the caregiver position among
others, is a stepping stone to higher career opportunities in the health care field.
• Re-educating family, residents, staff, and the community that the living
environment is a vibrant community, with the outside community flowing in and
out of the building, and our residents flowing in and out of the outside
• Having state-of-the-art technology, utilizing current computerized and paperless
care, management, and marketing systems, high speed internet in the
community and each living quarters and videoconferencing to connect with
families and the outside world
• Having senior friendly fitness centers.
• Having exceptional food service, with a focus on nutrition and great tasting food.
• Use of personalized concierge services, i.e. secretarial, organizational,

“One key to having a successful community, is having outstanding staff. The key to an outstanding staff is two-fold—first, great training, and second, providing staff a deep and truthful sense of respect and admiration."
— Dean Solden, President, Solden Development

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