Speaking Engagements
Dean Solden, President of Solden Development, speaks frequently around the country on Senior Housing topics. He has also testified before the State of Michigan Senate and Legislature on Senior Housing issues. Some of the topics of his talks are:

• Future trends in Assisted Living
• The Vibrant Community
• University Living
• Management and Development practices of Assisted Living
• Creating a "living with assistance" community

Mr. Solden, having been a professional jazz pianist for the last 25 years, many times provides an entertaining keynote address or break-out session at a conference, by playing the piano and singing during the speaking engagement. His talks are inspirational, informational, and highly entertaining. If you are interested in having Mr. Solden speak at your State Convention or facility, call the office at (734) 913-0000 or email us at info@soldendevelopment.com


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