The Vibrant Community
There are a multitude of Culture Change Philosophies floating around the Senior Housing industry, especially in nursing facilities. The “Eden” Philosophy is popular, as well as “person-centered care.” Solden Development has created its own Culture Change Philosophy, especially for Assisted Living or “living with assistance” Communities. It is called the Vibrant Community. We have put together 13 Core Principals we believe, when incorporated, help make a Senior Living Community alive and vibrant, help provide the residents the best chance of living fulfilling lives, and help the staff excel, enjoy their work, and treat their job as a career and a stepping stone to future growth.

1.Create Normality—avoid institutionalism and isolation

2.Help Residents Maintain and Enhance Meaningful Relationships

3.Help Residents enjoy Meaningful activity

4.Cultivate the Mind of Residents as well as Caring for their bodies

5.Have Intergenerational Relationships, of all ages, be the norm

6.Enrich People’s Spirits with Culture—in and out of the AL community

7.Provide a state-of-the-art Fitness program

8.Provide Excellent and nutritious food

9.Empower and Respect Staff—have them treat their job as a career and be a
stepping stone for growth

10. Empower Families to continue to be caregivers and have deeper relationships

11. Use Technology to increase connection and customer service

12. Encourage Residents to understand their aging, physically, emotionally
and spiritually

13. Have the Assisted Living Community be a part of the local community,
moving in and out of each other, helping and uplifting each other.

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