What We Do
Vibrant Life Communities, a Solden Development Company, LLC is a full service senior living and healthcare company which is passionate about creating and operating innovative, vibrant senior living communities. We develop, own, operate and consult with assisted living communities, nursing facilities, and independent senior living communities, always striving for ways in which to develop “niche” products while creating enriching environments for seniors. We speak throughout the country, write on senior living topics, and create innovative senior living products, such as the unique videoconferencing product, IseeMom.com and individualized “Boutique Retirement Communities.”

What makes Solden Development unique is that we create special environments for seniors. We do this first by providing state-of-the-art and comfortable living environments which is the foundation for the services they will be using. Our residents and families generally say “ahh” when they enter our doors. In fact, the adult children of our residents usually want to move in! In Management we believe in a two step approach - that today’s senior communities can provide superior services and care, while also focusing on enhancing the lives of our seniors.

In Development we use the values incorporated in our Core Characteristics of Excellence, (see development) to insure value and results. In Management, we follow our Vibrant Community philosophy, which emphasizes the encouragement of meaningful relationships and meaningful activity for our residents.

Our concepts work. University Living, an assisted living community in Ann Arbor, Michigan, developed by Solden Development, has been named by AARP Bulletin as one of the top ten assisted living communities in the country.

And what we’ve done

Solden Development Company recognizes that senior living- from nursing facilities, assisted living communities and independent senior apartments to people living at home or in other alternative settings—is in a state of change. The industry is in a transitional phase, with assisted living becoming the contemporary model for long term care, with the nursing home industry transitioning after thirty years, and where independent senior living is growing rapidly every day.

Solden Development Company is at the forefront of these changes.

We have created one of the most cutting edge assisted living communities in the country, University Living, which has pioneered the idea of nurturing and caring for the intellectual and cultural lives of people, along with their physical and social needs.

We have co-created Hope Landing, a "living with assistance" community in a small town which incorporates rural architecture and a home-like environment into a contemporary living environment.

We currently are developing with pride My Doctor's INN, a medical oriented assisted living community, in an Inn setting, for a group of physicians, with a focus on gerontological disease, due to open 2011; New Friends Dementia Community, a "state-of-the-heart" dementia community in Kalamazoo, Michigan, scheduled to open in 2010.

We currently manage with care: The Lodge of Durand, and The Lodge of Quincy, and co-manage Hope Landing.

We have created The Vibrant Community, a culture change philosophy for Senior Living Communities, which focuses on helping residents maintain meaningful relationships and engage in rewarding activity.

We have created IseeMom.com, a revolutionary new videoconferencing product which now allows friends and family members to see and talk with residents in a Senior Living Community.

From Consulting to Developing to Managing to a turn-key operation, look for Solden Development Company as your choice for innovative and successful senior living projects. For more information, please call us at (734) 913-000 or email us at info@soldendevelopment.com. We look forward to talking with you.

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